Are Your TOYS Properly INSURED

No matter the season, there is a TOY for that. And like anything else, TOYS need to be properly insured. Most TOYS are not covered by your homeowner or vehicle policy. Check with your insurance agent and make sure you are covered.

1. Personal Watercraft

Having great fun on the water comes with great responsibility… and risks. Personal Watercraft toys are subject to accidents and need the proper insurance.

  • Bodily injury for others.
  • Bodily injury to you, caused by an uninsured watercraft operator.
  • Liability—just in case you are sued due to an accident. Check if your policy also includes water sports liability, covering risks associated with activities such as water skiing.
  • Property damage—another watercraft, a boat, or a dock.
  • Theft of the personal watercraft.
  • Towing.
  • Don’t forget additional coverage for trailers and other accessories.
  • Not all umbrella policies cover personal watercrafts.
  • Make sure you are covered when you RENT a personal watercraft.
2. Motorcycles

Enjoy the wide open road with a motorcycle policy. In Washington State and many other states, Motorcycle Insurance is mandatory.  Be sure to verify that passengers are covered, as they are often excluded.


Recreational vehicles, just like any other vehicle must be insured. If you will be venturing in the snow, doing some off roading, soaring over the dunes, make sure your ATV has an off-road vehicle insurance policy.

4. Golf Carts

Most homeowner policies offer little coverage for Golf Carts, especially once the cart leaves your property. Make sure you are covered before you zip around the golf course or an RV park.

5. RV Insurance

Find the right coverage for your home on wheels. RVs are an investment worth protecting.

6. Liability for Backyard toys

Don’t forget the trampoline or pool. Are they covered by your homeowner’s insurance? Most homeowner’s policies provide only limited coverage.  Purchase an umbrella policy and make sure the policy does not restrict claims from outdoor toys or activities, such as these.

7. Snowmobile insurance

Each snowmobile rider is unique, make sure your policy is personalized to meet your individual needs.

8. Skiing, snowboarding, skating, and sledding

Unfortunately, winter (and summer) activities involve a variety of risks. Ensure that these fun activities are protected.

Not sure what you need? Give us a call to discuss it.

Make sure you have the right insurance policies for your TOYS.