Arrowhead General Agency is quoting new earthquake

Earthquake Insurance News

Earthquakes rocked the West Coast during July, including the large (7.1 & 6.4 magnitudes) earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks in Southern California, a pair of earthquakes in the East Bay, and a 4.6 magnitude quake near Seattle.

Although noteworthy, this activity is not surprising since seismologists have long warned of large magnitude earthquakes. This serves as yet another reminder of the significant exposure and need for earthquake insurance throughout Washington and the Pacific Northwest.

One of the leading earthquake insurance markets is open for business. Arrowhead General Agency is quoting new earthquake business throughout Washington and the Pacific Northwest. All moratoriums have been lifted, so now is a great time to purchase coverage!

Why Arrowhead Earthquake?

  • They are one of the leading providers of earthquake insurance in the U.S.
  • Arrowhead offers some of the best coverage and lowest deductibles in the marketplace; offered by an admitted, highly-rated carrier!
  • Easy to use with same day binding, no-down-payment required, with flexible installment and credit card payment options.
  • Their claims staff is mobilized for a quick response.
  • They will provide information on FEMA and the Small Business Administration (SBA) programs that may be helpful to you.
  • Claim reporting; by phone, online, email, or fax.

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Image by Brett Hondow from Pixabay