As an Independent Agent – We’re here for you…

In our previous post, Why Support Local Businesses, we gave you many reasons to buy local. The main reason was – this is YOUR community, support it and invest in it. As a small business in this community, Scott Richards and Anacortes Marine Insurance does just that – we support and invest in our community. And, in our customers.

When you buy from a local agent, you are getting more than just insurance – you are getting service and dedicated support. And, so much more…

1. You are getting choices. Not just one choice, but many choices to choose from. We work hard to help find you the best insurance company and type of insurance to fit your needs. As Independent Agents we understand that each individual and their situations are unique, and therefore, require a variety of Insurance Companies to choose from. Unlike agents who only have a single choice to offer. Having many carriers allows us more flexibility to adapt and change.

2. Making things easier. Our job has multi-line Insurance agents is to make it easier for our customers to find what fits them best. Why spend so much time searching and researching insurance, leave it to the professionals and let us help with something as important as insurance and make it easier. You shouldn’t have to worry about the complexities of your various policies.

3. We are a part of the community. We support and invest back into our community. The income we earn helps support jobs, services in the community, schools, taxes, and more.

4. We are just one phone call or email away. No 1-800 numbers. No large corporations to deal with. No, if you need this choose option 1, if you need that choose option 2. We have the direct resources to help you when you need it.

5. Building relationships. We’ve been around a long time and over the years we have built strong relationships. With our customers, with our Insurance companies, with our chamber, with local businesses, with our community.

As an Independent Agent, we are here for you.