What Fun! A Micro-Mobility Gift … Is it Covered?


Did you receive a new e-bike? Did the kids (or dad) receive a new scooter or hoverboard this holiday season? Micro-mobility devices (Tiny Transportation vehicles) need to be insured. Many people may not have heard of the term micro-mobility.  They usually are small, lightweight vehicles that don’t go very fast, like bikes, e-bikes, skateboards and […]

Are You Ready to Snowbird? Don’t head south without a plan for your current home.


Joining the flock of snowbirds south sounds like a heavenly adventure. Warm weather Blue skies. Pickle Ball tournaments Lots of exercise There are so many advantages to heading south, but what about your home while away? Don’t WAIT!  Now is the time to prepare for Snowbird Season. Many of the items on your list may […]

Business Insurance – Just About Right

office photo

When it comes to insuring your business remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, there is — Too Much Insurance, Not Enough Insurance, and Just Right. Is too much insurance a risk? Yes. It doesn’t make financial sense to be over-insured. Why pay higher premiums just to exceed coverage? What about not enough […]

How to Remember Mother

SRI Mother's Day

Usually the first sound from a baby is the ‘ma’ sound. Did you know? In almost every language the word for mother begins with the letter ‘M’. In the 10 most widely spoken languages in the world, the word for mama (meaning “mother”) is: mama, mama, mamá, ma, mama, mamã, maa, mama, haha and mami. […]

Let’s Do Some Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning SRI

Exterior Spring Home Maintenance During Winter Your Roof Received A Lot of ABUSE – Clean the moss, pine needles, loose limbs, dirt from above. Have any of the shingles shifted? Is anything loose? Address issues now to protect your roof and keep it at its peak performance. Clean the Gutters – Winter creates debris – […]