Why Support Local Businesses?


I could give you hundreds of reasons but let’s start with the number one reason you should Buy Local – This Is YOUR Community!!! You are a stakeholder in your community’s future – do it for your family, for your friends, for your community. There are so many lessons to be learned from the current […]

ONLINE ATTACKS to your business


ONLINE ATTACKS to Your business are now a reality. Historically, the insurance you have purchased to protect from the well identified risks such as fire, wind, or even theft of tangible property needs attention in order to properly address this new CYBER threat. Without protection – you put your business’s revenue, reputation, and customers at […]

Being a Responsible Landlord


Being a landlord can sometimes be a thankless job, but it also has great rewards. It also comes with responsibilities. The Washington state website has in details what those responsibilities are according to RCW 59.18.060. Our friends at Travelers gives landlords 10 Common Rental Property Repairs that Landlords need to know about. As they say “To […]

Inspect your fairy lights….


Tis the holiday season, besides presents, social gatherings, time with friends and family, too much food – it is also the season of many dangerous hazards. First and foremost during the holiday season is the danger of fire. Here are 9 ways to minimize the holiday dangers and prevent a fire tragedy. Visit the National Fire Protection […]

Arrowhead General Agency is quoting new earthquake


Earthquake Insurance News Earthquakes rocked the West Coast during July, including the large (7.1 & 6.4 magnitudes) earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks in Southern California, a pair of earthquakes in the East Bay, and a 4.6 magnitude quake near Seattle. Although noteworthy, this activity is not surprising since seismologists have long warned of large magnitude […]

Shredding and Helping Families


Each September and April, you will find in the Walgreen parking lot, a shredding truck available for the community to clean up and shred documents. For four hours, 10 am to 2 pm, volunteers with the Anacortes Family Center welcome people as they bring boxes of valuable papers ready for the shredder. They ask for […]

Burglary Happens


We live in a small community, but Anacortes is not exempt from home burglaries. In the last few years we are seeing more and more of a rash of Porch Pirating, break ins, and car prowls in our neighborhoods.  Anacortes is also a town of snow birds, who leave town for months at a time, […]