Protecting your property with proper tree maintenance

Living in the Pacific Northwest wind is almost as common as the rain. The Pacific Northwest has an abundance of trees, some quite large, some quite dangerous. Here is a little advice from our friends at Travelers Insurance in regards to tree maintenance, it could save you a bundle of headaches and money later. The […]

What to do if you sustain damage to your boat

There are many potential ways for a boat to become damaged, both in the water and on the shore. Some common causes of boat damage while in the water may include being struck by a submerged object, running aground, or collision with another vessel. There are also several ways for a boat to become damaged […]

BBQ, Yard Equipment, Swings… Is your yard dangerous?

Summer BBQ’s, kids swinging, fire pits, lawn maintenance—all of these are signs of summer and hanging out in the backyard. Today’s outdoor entertainment has gotten more elaborate in recent years so click here for some safety tips to help keep the summer fun and free of danger. For peace of mind and a relaxing time this […]


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