Burglary Happens

We live in a small community, but Anacortes is not exempt from home burglaries. In the last few years we are seeing more and more of a rash of Porch Pirating, break ins, and car prowls in our neighborhoods.  Anacortes is also a town of snow birds, who leave town for months at a time, leaving their homes and valuables vulnerable.

Our friends at Travelers offers these 9 Home Security Tips.

One thing¬†there is more and more of, is Porch Pirating, and not just around the holidays. With online purchasing now a way of life, packages are getting delivered daily. Being in a small area, delivery routes are quite noticeable, a thief may study the delivery trucks and their routes, learning who receives packages often. They also may study the homes and the owner’s routines. If expecting a delivery make sure you are home or have it delivered to a neighbor’s house. Get ‘alerts’ set up on your phone and be notified when a package arrives at your door. Install a camera that alerts you if someone approaches your home. Check out this article/video by Travelers on making your Front Door ‘Smart.”

And for those you travel a lot or are snow birds, check out this article on Preparing your home for Vacation.

And, make sure your insurance is up-to-date and covers you. If you are not sure, give us a call and we’ll help.