Are You Ready to Snowbird? Don’t head south without a plan for your current home.


Joining the flock of snowbirds south sounds like a heavenly adventure. Warm weather Blue skies. Pickle Ball tournaments Lots of exercise There are so many advantages to heading south, but what about your home while away? Don’t WAIT!  Now is the time to prepare for Snowbird Season. Many of the items on your list may […]

Business Insurance – Just About Right

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When it comes to insuring your business remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, there is — Too Much Insurance, Not Enough Insurance, and Just Right. Is too much insurance a risk? Yes. It doesn’t make financial sense to be over-insured. Why pay higher premiums just to exceed coverage? What about not enough […]

How to Remember Mother

SRI Mother's Day

Usually the first sound from a baby is the ‘ma’ sound. Did you know? In almost every language the word for mother begins with the letter ‘M’. In the 10 most widely spoken languages in the world, the word for mama (meaning “mother”) is: mama, mama, mamá, ma, mama, mamã, maa, mama, haha and mami. […]

Let’s Do Some Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning SRI

Exterior Spring Home Maintenance During Winter Your Roof Received A Lot of ABUSE – Clean the moss, pine needles, loose limbs, dirt from above. Have any of the shingles shifted? Is anything loose? Address issues now to protect your roof and keep it at its peak performance. Clean the Gutters – Winter creates debris – […]

Insure Your BIG Day with Wedding Insurance


It is your BIG Day. The day you have been dreaming about for years and planning almost as long. For many, it also one of the most expensive days in their lives and according to a 2021 study by The Knot the national average cost of a wedding is $34,000. But, like anything in life, things […]

Wacky Weather, Devastation, New Weather Words…And increasing Insurance Rates


We have been introduced to new weather words Atmospheric river Bomb cyclone Bombogenesis Derecho Flash drought Polar vortex Thundersnow Ice Storm Downburst, macroburst, and microburst “The jet stream — the river of air that moves weather from west to east on a rollercoaster-like path — has just been stuck.” The weather in the PNW was […]

Holiday Shopping – Don’t Be A Victim!

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We have become a society that loves to shop online, especially since the pandemic. But there are risks to shopping online – more now than ever. Check out the following advice on how to prevent being a victim and remember to apply this information all year not just the holidays. Porch Pirates Million of packages […]

Did you know? All Hallows Eve – A.K.A Halloween


1.  A large portion of the candy sold annually in the U.S. is purchased for Halloween, around 600 million pounds. Dentists everywhere thank you. And over, 2.6 billion dollars is spent on candy. 2. Majority of  the age group (millennials) buy costumes for their pets. 3. All Hallows’ Eve was the day where the Celts […]