Choose an Independent Agent for RV Insurance

With RV sales the best they have ever been in history and predicted to continue throughout 2021, maybe even 2022, there are more RVers out on the road than ever before. Airstream, For example, said that roughly 50% of their sales in 2020 were to brand new Recreational Vehicle owners.

RV shipments are expected to surpass 400,000 wholesale units by the end of 2020 and see continued growth in 2021 to more than 500,000 units, according to the Fall 2020 RV RoadSigns prepared by ITR Economics for the RV Industry Association. – Read more by RV Industry Association

Insurance is an important part of the decision when buying an RV and an Independent Agent like, Scott Richards Insurance, has more experience in regards to the different types of insurance available and required.

What you need to know about RV Insurance… And, why an agency like, Scott Richards Insurance is the best solution….

1. Make sure you have the correct coverage for your needs.  Expect “cut” prices to mean “coverages cut”.  Don’t choose the policy based SOLEY on premium. Insurance on such an important purchase, is not something you should scrimp on. Sometimes “adequate” coverage is just not enough.  For Example, Agreed Value coverage means you will get what you paid for the RV even years down the road if it is destroyed in a covered loss.   “Cut rate” policies like to offer coverage that factors in depreciation when paying a total loss in the future.

2. Independent Agents can provide more in-depth and personal customer service, answer questions in greater detail, know where the best deals are and what are the best coverage for your situation. They aren’t tied to just offering a policy that fits the Insurance company’s repertoire.

3. If you have joined the RV Full-Time lifestyle, you will need an Independent Agent that understands the difference between full-time and vacation/occasional RV use. An Independent Agent will know what insurance companies offer full-time insurance. They can discuss with you about liability insurance, not just insurance for your RV, but also for the “premises” around the location for where your RV is parked. It is also important to know how to cover your “personal” items.

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4. What about Mother Nature damage? Discuss the options with an Independent Agent. Out on the road, or in an RV park, you are bound to run into some dicey weather – hail, ice, wind – are you covered?

5. Accidents happen and an Independent Agents can be an intermediary between you and the insurance company should the need arise. They will know and understand the system and how to meet the requirements in the case of a claim.  Independent agents like Scott Richards Insurance work for YOU, the Customer, and not for the insurance company.

Give us a call if your are thinking of joining the RV lifestyle or want to do a check up on your current coverage.


According to the newly released data from the RV Industry Association’s March 2021 survey of manufacturers, more RVs made their way to RV dealerships across North America in March than in any prior single month. Read more on the RV Industry Association report.