End of summer… now what?

It seems as if each summer just screams by, it is over quicker than when it started. Fall is a few weeks away. Even the weather in the PNW has already has a Fall crispness in the air. School is starting, vacation time is ending for most people, and the bustling of summer actives is winding down.

Now, that summer is ending… Now What? Fall is a great time to prepare your home for winter.

1. Let’s start by trimming trees. The wind is a big concern in the PNW and is one of the biggest causes of damage to property during our winter months. Prepare your trees for winter by doing some regular maintenance, such as trimming the entails from the crown of the trees to allow them to move easier and not break. Remove any deadwood. Thin (prune) the trees. All of this will help reduce the chances of damage.

2. Don’t just focus on the trees. Trim (prune) bushes close to the house, reducing the risk of trapping moisture in the siding. It also prevents the rubbing of branches against the home. And, don’t forget to  make sure your gardens are ready for the winter months.

3. Shut off outdoor faucets and make sure they are well-insulated.

4. Clear out gutters and downspouts. Check your roof and chimney to be sure they are strong and ready for a windy and rainy winter.

5. Do your windows or doors leak? Check for drafts and use weather stripping or caulking where needed.

6. If you have a fireplace or woodstove, now is the time for maintenance to make sure everything is clean and open.

7. Before we know it, we will be turning on the heater, so change your filters so they are fresh and ready for winter.

8. Time to change the batteries in all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

9. If you haven’t already, now might be the time to consider adding a Smart system to your home to help monitor your home through the winter months, such as your furnace and lights.

10. Do you have all you need, just in case of power outages, such as batteries and flashlights.

The end of summer is not quite over, but it will be sooner than you think, so plan now, don’t wait until it is too late.



Cover image by Tony Locke