Experiencing Summer in Anacortes

deckchairs-355596_1920We are finally experiencing summer in the Pacific Northwest and Anacortes. Summer temperatures have finally hit the summer heatwave, though we are still cooler than others in the U.S. Summer means vacations, picnics, visit to the beach, playing on the water, BBQing on the deck, and just chilling.

Here are some reminders for keeping it safe and real this summer season.

1. From our friends at Travelers – The smells wafting up from the grill makes our mouths water and our stomachs rumble. Check out these BBQ Safety Tips and keep it delicious and safe this summer season.

2. Heat Stroke – Even in the Pacific NW we can get hot enough to suffer a heat stroke, especially the elderly. But they aren’t the only ones susceptible. Check out this article and read what to watch for and how to prevent this killer in the summer time.

3. Building a new deck to hang out on? Check out this article on the pros and cons of what materials to use when planning that new spot to relax.

4. Summer vacations means hitting the road, taking the camper out of the driveway, flying to somewhere exotic, enjoying our time out on the water, and leaving our homes and valuables unattended. Make sure your vacations are relaxing by giving us a call us to make sure you are covered adequately.

It is summer. Enjoy the weather. Stay cool. Feast on the summer bounties of delicious food. Play out on the water. And, most importantly, stay safe.


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