Leave the Marine Insurance to Us

Be out on the water, where you belong and leave the insurance to us.

We specialize in marine insurance and as an Independent Agent who focuses on marine products we have the tools, the experience, and the opportunity to help you understand the different options available and select what is best for your situation.

Make sure you are more than “adequately” protected with the right insurance for your needs.

You and Your Boat Deserve the Best

1  Specialized Expertise
Our team includes experienced marine specialists. We understand how important your time on the water is and how important the right coverage is, so we work hard to make it easy for you.

2 Total Loss Settlement  
In cases of total loss, we work with our clients to find a policy and determine which company might offer an agreed value of your boat when your policy is written.  Call to find out more.

3  Choice and Flexibility
We have access to find options that meet your needs, to combine multiple watercraft policies, to locate higher limits on key coverages, and so much more.

4  Personal Property and More
You invested money and energy selecting the right state-of-the art technology onboard, the toys you want for fun, furniture, even the logo and name of the boat – We can help you determine the right coverage and policy to protect more than just your yacht/boat.

5  Liability Protection
There is more to Marine Insurance than just providing coverage for the yacht/boat, you will need liability coverage to match your needs, including: legal defense costs, pollution liability as required by the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, most marinas require insurance before docking, wreck removal, and more.

6  Uninsured Boater Coverage
Just like auto insurance, it is advisable to carry Uninsured Boater Coverage to cover injuries to you or your guests onboard should an accident occur with a boat with limited or no insurance.

7  Emergency Towing and Service
Are you covered for towing services to the nearest marina or service station? What about the delivery of fuel or repair parts at the breakdown site? We can help.

8  Medical and Related Expenses
Make sure you have coverage for reasonable medical expenses for anyone onboard should an accident occur.

9  Newly-acquired Watercraft
With over 300,000 new boats sold in 2020 and 2021 expected to exceed the previous year, this means there are a lot of new boats on the water. Make sure you have the protection you need on for newly-acquired yachts/boat.

Contact Anacortes Marine Insurance and Experience the Difference of working with someone who is always looking for ways to do more for our clients.  Call us at 360-588-8112 or 360-293-5158



Photo by Karla Locke