Preparing for Summer

sea-1337565_1280The last couple of weeks have been sunny and glorious, reminding us it is almost summer. We find ourselves outside more and gearing up for summer fun. Here are some activities and things to think about as you head into the summer season.

1. Most of us in the Pacific Northwest do not have swimming pools, but for those that do here is some advise from our friends at Travelers on How to Prep and Open your Pool for the summer.

2. A favorite summer activity is Grilling. Just thinking of it makes our mouths water. Here is some advice on Grilling Safety Tips.

3. Planning on vacationing this summer? Here are 9 Home Security Tips, they are good even for when you are not away.

4. Planning some Spring Cleaning as we head into nicer weather? Here are some Spring Tips for inside and outside your home.

5. A Pacific Northwest favorite is getting on the water. Check out these tips on How to Help Trailer, Tow and Launch your Boat Safely.

Obviously there is so much more to do during the summer months, be safe and enjoy.



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