Protect the REAL You with Identity Fraud Protection

In almost every area of our lives we have been scammed, our identities compromised in some form or another. Everyday, we are at risk of being the next victim of identity theft.

There is an Identity Theft Case Every 14 Seconds
33% of Americans Faced Some Form of Identity Theft at some Point in Their Lives
The number of identity theft scenarios in the U.S. is nearly 3 times higher than in other countries. Reports indicate that nearly 33% of Americans have faced some kind of identity theft attempt in their lives. Experts indicate that this number could increase significantly in 2022.

Identity theft is a crime, one of the sneakiest and most devastating of crimes. And it is not always about money! Information is POWER in the cyber world. There are thieves that use an identity to get a job. Or maybe they need a place to live. No matter how they use an identity, they all have destructive and devastating consequences.

Once your identity is stolen, the financial devastation alone can take years to clear up. There may be legal ramifications from the use of an identity. They steal more than just our identity, they violate who we are.

It is important to know what to do if it happens to you.
The National Council of Identity Theft Protection provides some advice on How to Protect your Identity Online and off line.

Many of us would not know what to do? We would not know where to even start to resolve the return of our identity? This is where good insurance may help. Many insurance companies provide Identity Fraud (theft) Insurance, often attached to a home or renter’s policy. It is easy and affordable and can provide some form of comfort should we become the next victim.

Arm yourself with knowledge, with protection, and the resources you may need to prevent or restore your identity. Assume control and protect the REAL YOU.