Shredding and Helping Families

Each September and April, you will find in the Walgreen parking lot, a shredding truck available for the community to clean up and shred documents. For four hours, 10 am to 2 pm, volunteers with the Anacortes Family Center welcome people as they bring boxes of valuable papers ready for the shredder. They ask for a donation of $20 per box, this fundraiser is a necessary event for the community and for the Anacortes Family Center.

So, what should you shred? In this article on the FTC website, A Pack Rat’s Guide to Shredding, they give you a list of recommended documents you should keep. On the Washington State Attorney General website they give advice on ‘what’ to shred, destroying sensitive information, protecting yourself against identity theft, what documents you should keep and how long, and recycling shredded documents.

You can use a shredder at home, but they are not always the best device for sensitive documents, to make sure important information is securely destroyed, use a shredding company. So, save up, box it up, and twice a year, take your documents to the Walgreen’s parking lot and shred. Not only do you protect yourself, you support a great community organization – The Anacortes Family Center.