Turkey Time… Tips on How NOT to Burn

Turkey… yum. Our favorite holiday dish. But cooking a turkey can be tricky and dangerous. Check out this video, Turkey Deep Fat Fryer Public Service Announcement, before you cook. Everyone, including the Fire Department, will thank you. Happy Turkey Cooking.

Seven Tips when Changing Homes

Buying and selling a home can be stressful. It used to be we bought a home and stayed in it long past when the mortgage was paid off. Today we relocate due to jobs, retire in different towns, move up or down in housing. Here are seven tips┬áto help maybe make that transition of changing […]

Thinking of adding Solar Panels to your home?

We are starting to see solar panels being installed in our area. Here are some tips from our friends at Travelers Insurance to consider if you are thinking of adding solar panels to your home. If you have any questions in regards to insurance, give us a call. Click here