Tips that remind us it is Winter

Brrr…. it is cold outside. The first day of winter may be the shortest day of the year, but  it is also a reminder that the cold is not over yet.  Here are a few things to remember during the cold season.

Black ice: How to spot this winter driving danger

This is very common problem here in the Pacific Northwest. This article has some good tips on what to watch for.

Winter Tire Tips

Do you have the right tires for winter driving? Check out this article on winter tire tips.

How To Winterize Your Car

Until it is actually freezing out, most of us don’t think about preparing our vehicles for winter. This article has some great tips on winterizing your car.

Protecting Your Home from Storm Water Damage

November rain fall this year reminded us that we live in the rainy Pacific Northwest. This article has some great advice on protecting your home from storm water damage.

The Furnace Quit, now what?

It seems that is always when it is the coldest that the furnace gives out. Here are some tips on what to do when that happens.